Linaje - Arbu Curados
To go from one cross to three is a big challenge, both from the point of view of facilities and logistics. It also involves considerable cost. However, we have managed to produce a unique Duroc breed.
In 1957, we already had a 50% Duroc; however, in 2005, we decided to go a step further: to perform another cross with a male Duroc, thus reaching 75% purity in 2006. The first carcasses resulting from this cross-breeding showed very good results in terms of quality, which encouraged us to take another step by performing another cross. It took years of hard work which did not always bear fruit, but in the end, by 2014, we had managed to produce an excellent standard of meat with the arrival of the first 85% Duroc pigs. It was then from 2015 onwards that we placed the product in the hands of our curer at our facilities so that he could finish this fantastic adventure in the appropriate manner, with a unique ham: the ARBU ham.