ARBU arose from the desire to produce ham of the highest quality in order to contribute to the best gastronomy of our country. A unique ham from our own breed, with considerable fat pooling and cured in Hinojosa del Duque in the Pedroches Valley. It is a genuine gastronomic delicacy created by ARBU’s master ham curers

As a result of the work and dedication of several generations, ARBU was founded as a company engaged in the traditional curing of Duroc front and hind leg hams – a family company with a history stretching back to 1957.

We control the food the ARBU pigs eat from beginning to end. We have established a combination of various fodders which are locally produced. This ensures that ARBU DUROC pigs grow in a balanced way and in accordance with their physical composition.

All ARBU pig farms are based at our own facilities in the province of Girona. The fact that they are located in a rural area enables the pig rearing to take place in an unpolluted environment. Furthermore, since our various production facilities are close to each other, the stress the animals experience when being transported is reduced. In this way, we pay attention to the smallest details in the care of our product.

ARBU Duroc was established in 2014. At that time, after years of hard work, the first ARBU 85% Duroc arrived at our natural curing cellar in Hinojosa del Duque in the Pedroches Valley.

All these differentiating factors combine to ensure that the standard and characteristics of our cured products are unique within the sector.

Health, Biosecurity and Animal Welfare

Our Durocs are bred at facilities whose animal density is lower than that set by animal welfare standards. This improves the quality of life of the animals and has a knock-on effect on the quality of the meat. Our veterinary services are committed to ensuring the welfare of our animals while on the farm, during transport and even during final processing. We can’t lose in a matter of hours what took so long to develop.

We strive to control the use of medication in our pigs, hence, we have implemented strict biosecurity measures at our facilities and we use non-antibiotic treatments. We are also continually testing new natural products and we regularly adapt our vaccination plans to the requirements of the environment.

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The Fruit of Our Own Breed

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The Fruit of Our Breed

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Our Product

The ham produced from our pigs has a very special, characteristic flavour, which is easily identifiable the moment you place it in your mouth.
Their slogan is “ARBU 85% Duroc hams – excellent quality at the best price”.

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